Caring Place Saturday Sunday School

For over 20 years The Caring Place has been bringing hope to many of the at risk neighborhoods of Indianapolis. Though we are a ministry to families and people of all ages, we are best known for The Caring Place Saturday Program. During the past 22 years we have brought the message of hope to well over 20,000 children through our Saturday Program.

The message has not remained in them alone, they bring it home to their families. As a result we have seen families that were falling apart, rebuilt and marriages that were broken, restored. Not everyone that passes through our doors or rides our busses will be immediately changed by the message of hope. Our purpose is to plant the seed of hope deep into their lives so when it is needed it will grow.


Through the year we have special events all with the purpose of expressing hope. We have given away college scholarships, honored special moms and refurbished the bedroom of some of our kids as they received new bunkbeds. There is the Back to School Blast when we partner with Shepherd Community Center and Jireh Sports giving bookbags and school supplies to thousands of children. We have the Thanksgiving Giveaway, 1800 families received a turkey and all that is needed to have a great feast. And then there is The Caring Place Christmas store.

Everything we do is designed to bring hope to those around us, and to change lives for the better one at a time.