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Legend Entertainment Group is an non for profit organization in conjunction with The Caring Place and was founded in April 2010 by Jeffrey Faulkner (G. Boy The Legend) and promises to be an upcoming powerhouse in the entertainment industry as well as in the entire world. Our mission is to strategically affect change in the hearts and minds of people. We accomplish this with catchy hooks, sometimes controversial lyrics and most importantly, our lifestyle. “Our focus is to change lives, by whatever method that may be, that’s our mission, affect change.” In 2009 we got real, but in 2010 we are “SHOWING THEM HOW TO LIVE.” With that in my mind we say to the people, believers and non, follow us as we follow Christ.

We will rock and have rocked any venue from the church to the club and from the school to the pavement. Our main goal is to affect change, so we will be making this music for the ‘unchurched’, who have no idea about God and also those who claim to be “in church” but not living the lifestyle. We do this by putting the message in songs and allowing them to think and really want an understanding of what we are talking about.

That’s why the number is publicly displayed, (The Legend Speaks 317.828.1713) so people can contact us if they have questions. We don’t judge, we simply speak the truth. Some will hate the message because truth requires change. It’s not our job to change them, instead it’s to allow this message to spark that interest for them to change. The message comes down to this straight forward statement, ” We are just middle men with a message so take it or leave it. I prefer you to take it and allow it to change you forever.”

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