Keeping In Touch

What is Keeping In Touch?

Keeping in Touch (KIT) gives us the opportunity to stay connected and be contagious with our neighborhood families, when the Caring Place regular session is on their session break. We want to keep in touch by playing games with the children and present the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s basically playing games and closing with a message of Hope, the hope in Jesus Christ.


What would the day consist of?


The day will consist of working together in teams. No one will be doing KIT alone. Each KIT session is an hour long. We will get to the site set up the sound system, games, and any other supplies for that day. We’ll run our pre-planned program, load everything up and on to the next site.


What would I be doing?


As a part of our KIT teams you would be helping on a team for the day. You may be setting up sound equipment, getting games ready, but everyone will be playing with the kids in some games, interacting with the kids, tearing down and moving onto the next site.


Do I Need Experience?


No experience necessary, just a heart for God’s people and willing to be used by God! This is something that your whole family can be involved in.


What is the Expected Commitment?


Volunteers are expected to give 1 day each week of the 5 weeks (4 weeks of July and 1st week of August). We prefer it be the same day each week.


TEAM LEADERS:  If you would be available more than one day each week you could step up to this opportunity to be a leader.


How do I get involved?


As we prepare for 2012 if you would like to be a  VOLUNTEER or TEAM LEADER  please contact FRED THOMAS at or call Calvary Temple @ 317-897-7100. Thank you!






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