Former Caring Place Child Still Touched by Ministry
Fonda Bostic still remembers seeing a big red and white Caring Place bus coming through her neighborhood as a child.That bus changed her life.

Bostic first saw the Caring Place bus when she spent weekends with her grandfather at age 11. At first, she was too shy to get on the bus. However, when her bolder 9-year-old sister hopped on the bus and later came back from The Caring Place, she brought candy and $12 in game winnings with her.

That’s when Bostic knew she was missing out and decided also to attend. She eventually moved to another location in Indianapolis, but she spotted the red and white bus again about two years later and returned to The Caring Place. Her fondest memories include winning a balloon-popping game and learning a plethora of Bible stories. In fact, she used to “play church” in her neighborhood, where she would teach Bible lessons and award kids with cookies.

“We imitated Pastor Chad,” Bostic says. “It was so fun. That was our way of saying, hey, we can’t wait until Saturday again.”

In 1995, Bostic was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to undergo surgery.
“I was amazed that the first person I saw when I woke up was Pastor Chad,” Bostic says.
The brain tumor came back in 1997, and even with radiation treatment, the tumor is still present. As a result, she still struggles with headaches and has lost feeling on the left side of her body. But she says she is still blessed and is still singing the songs she used to belt out at The Caring Place.
Bostic says she also had been praying for a church home for a few years until she finally spoke with a lady who lived across the street from her. That lady recently pointed her to Calvary Temple. Now, about 23 years after first stepping foot at The Caring Place, she is getting involved in church activities and volunteering at the non-profit organization, where her 13-year-old son has started attending.

“I am so thankful for The Caring Place,” Bostic says. “There were so many homes where kids didn’t go to church. We were reached out by a little red and white bus.”

Bostic is just one example of how The Caring Place works. With the support of its donors and volunteers, The Caring Place has brought a message of hope to more than 20,000 children through its Saturday Program. With your continued support, the organization can keep introducing people of all ages to the gospel and making an impact for the Kingdom of God.

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