Project 10:38

For over twenty years The Caring Place
has had the honor and joy of working to reach
a generation for Christ; one child at a time.

We have done so by sending out 1 or 2 volunteers each

week into targeted neighborhoods to build relationships
and minister to the children and their families. It is a
ministry pattern that has worked well for us, but now The
Caring Place wants to provide an opportunity for others
to join together to do even greater things. We believe
that there are other ministries and individuals in our
community who also want to reach kids and families in atrisk
neighborhoods with the message of hope. We want to
partner with others who are like-minded and together
make an even greater impact on our city.

There are churches all over our city that minister in
urban neighborhoods that are full of kids and youth
needing hope and encouragement, but who face financial
obstacles in operating programs that focus on children.
There are suburban churches that see the needs of at-risk
neighborhoods and have resources and volunteers, but do
not know where to start. There are individuals who have
felt the pull to serve at-risk youth, but need somewhere
to plug in. The Caring Place wants to help those in our
community with the same vision make an impact for the

We call our hope of such partnerships:Project 10:38

Project 10:38 is our strategy to reach more kids than ever
by creating a ministry pattern that allows more people
to make a difference without asking them for more than
they have to give. By partnering with other ministries,
The Caring Place can flood neighborhoods with teams of
8-10 volunteers that visit kids and their families in their
assigned neighborhoods each week. The team will then
divide the Saturdays among themselves, so that each team
member is only responsible for one Saturday per month.

Through Project 10:38, ministries and volunteers from
throughout Indianapolis can get more involved in
reaching the next generation of children by partnering
with The Caring Place to do so. Everyone benefits from
the collaboration – The Caring Place is able to further its
mission by reaching more kids because they have more
project10:38 volunteers. Churches and volunteers can make a meaningful
impact without an overly demanding commitment of time
or finances, and most of all – more kids are reached with
the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.

Because The Caring Place has worked in at-risk
neighborhoods for so long, the resources are already
available; including a facility designed for children’s
programs, a fleet of buses to transport kids to and from
The Caring Place, lessons, games and a ministry pattern
that has proven to be successful in bringing children the
hope of Christ. By partnering with The Caring Place we
can offer urban churches the opportunity to reach the
children and their families that live in the vicinity of
their church.
Suburban churches can reach out to parts of
our community facing overwhelming challenges, without
the daunting task of knowing where and how to get started.
Individuals can join a larger organization that is truly
making a difference.

We challenge you to prayerfully consider joining with The Caring Place as we give hope to a child who needs it.

If you would like more information on how to get involved, please contact us: