Saturday Program


The Caring Place Saturday Sunday School

Giving a message of Hope to over 20,000 kids during the past 22 years.

Started as a drop-in center for people in the Citizens Neighborhood on the near north side, it quickly developed into a place that held weekly programming for kids. The staff would visit families during the week and use buses to bring kids from the surrounding area.

cp-9-22-07-040This has grown to now include several neighborhoods in Indianapolis from the far east side, to the south side and the north side. Every week the families are visited by volunteer staff and then on Saturday the signature White and Red buses roll bringing the kids to The Caring Place.

The Message is one of Hope. We give the kids an opportunity to see something other than what the streets are showing them. Our message strengthens the message their parents are giving them that they can do what is right, they can succeed and they can fulfill their dream. And we show them how.

Our Method brings Hope. Because of the weekly visit in addition to the Saturday program they begin to believe that people do care and they meet people that love them with no strings attached.img_2490

There is so much fun on Saturdays. The games, prizes, contests and giveaways all work together to create a party atmosphere that kids love. This is a place where they see Hope, feel Hope and in the end gain Hope.