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Saturday Sunday School

Saturday’s at the Caring Place are a time that we spend sharing Christ with young people.  We bus kids in from all over Indianapolis and provide “Sunday School” for them on Saturday.  There are two sessions each Saturday except for the last Saturday of the month.  It is a time for kids to have fun, hang out with friends, and most importantly learn about Jesus Christ.  Come check us out!

Route Captain

A route captain is a great opportunity for people with a heart for God and sharing the Gospel with Children.  It is a large but rewarding commitment.  Route captains visit families and children at home each week and ride the buses to pick kids up on Saturdays for Saturday Sunday School.  The time commitment for route captains is about 8-10 hours/week.

CDL Driver

CDL drivers are needed to drive buses to pick up and drop off children on Saturdays.  There is a minimum commitment of one Saturday a month.  Their routes start around 8:50 am and usually end by 3:30 pm.  They are responsible for about 4 runs in that time period.


This opportunity is for individuals who have an interest in this specific area, have their own equipment, and are willing to be called upon to photograph or take videos of Caring Place events.  Professionals are wanted by amateurs should not sit on the sidelines!  You are helping to tell our story—a very needed piece!!

Caring Place Clubs

During the month of June and July we will be conducting weekly Bible Clubs at many of our neighborhoods.  They are one hour long sessions where we will be teaching bible lessons, leading discussions and fellowshipping with the kids.  You will serve as part of a team, receive training, given weekly curriculum, and help lead kids to Christ!  You even get to pick your own schedule.

Bible Study Leader

Leading a Bible study to a small group of people is a tremendous honor.  The time and location of each Bible study is TBD by The Caring Place and you.  There would be weekly meetings and material would be provided to assist you.

GED classes

The Caring Place is need of trained GED instructors.  The time and location of classes is yet TBD.

After School Homework Helpers

The Caring Place provides help with homework after school from 3:30-5:00 pm during the school year.  You do not need to be a teacher, just need to be capable of helping the children with their homework.  It is a commitment of at least one day per week.

Dance Class

Kids and teens are full of energy and love to dance!  Help us turn that energy into a positive and rewarding experience for our kids as they learn to dance for Jesus.


Can you sing or play music?  We are looking for individuals who can help lead or assist with praise and worship, teach singing classes, help with the kid’s choir, and teach kids how to play instruments.  It is a great way to boost their confidence and provide extracurricular activities at no cost to them.


If you can help people of all ages put together a play and present it to an audience, this is for you!  A director and several assistants are needed.  If you have no experience, but want to help—don’t let that stop you!  Please join us!

Juvenile Center

Two Saturdays a month we have a team serving in the Juvenile Center.  It is a tremendous opportunity as we share hop with young people caught without hope.  Currently, this is a men’s only team, but we would like to expand to create a women’s team that would minister to the girls.


Come join us as we provide a warm meal twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, at no charge to local men in the community.  What a pleasure it is to serve breakfast and present Christ to them as well!


Neighborhood ministry to teens occurring weekly that includes bible study, mentoring, discipleship, hanging out, and anything that helps point them to Christ.

We can use YOU! Please fill out our volunteer form here: Volunteer

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